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Had a nice training course today at our office in Worksop with Ann-Marie and Joanne. I asked them how they would describe the coffee after they tasted it.

Describing coffee can be difficult so I asked for just one or two words. Luckily I heard the exact words I was looking for: smooth and sweet. They noticed that they didn’t need any sugar with the coffee which they normally add to the coffee.


When I developed this blend with Simon we were looking for a smooth and sweet coffee. Something that can be drunk without adding sweeteners and that is not so bitter. I was very happy to hear this today 🙂

We also talked about that we could make it fruitier but I got the answer: Coffee should taste like coffee. I quite liked that.

What are you looking for in your coffee?


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Did some great training with Bizzi Beans cafe in Suffolk yesterday. It was quite a drive but really worth the day.

Todd is a great guy who runs a cafe in a garden centre and contacted us for some latte art training. We spend time on steaming milk, pouring hearts and rosettas. Here are some great pictures.

Thanks for the great day Todd!








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UKBC Northern heat 2009

Had a really good time today. I went with 3 friends to visit the UK barista championships in Newcastle today. It has been since I have been to a competition and was good to see it again. Always a nice atmosphere with all the coffee people there and I met up with some people I haven’t seen for a while. Message to Barry: I am not bitter about last year ha ha!

There were some good performances and it is just great to see people who are so passionate about coffee all in one place.

Just thought I would show some pictures.

This is the set up of Gordon from Cafe Harlequin in York

This is the set up of Gordon from Cafe Harlequin in York


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We are very excited about this. At the moment we can offer barista training at our office in Worksop, in a training centre in Wimbledon and in a coffee shop in London. We are now building a new barista training centre in Halifax West Yorkshire.

Halifax is a nice town and easy to get to from the M62. It will give people from the north an easier option to visit us for a coffee or a training day. The course is held at a really lovely coffee shop that has two floors. We are having the training session during the day in the downstairs area where we have a brand new Rancilio and La Spaziale espresso machine in a working environment.

It is a perfect option to have a look behind the scenes of a working coffee shop and great for people who would like to work on a professional machine and for those interested in starting a coffee shop.

Of course the students will receive all the privacy and attention that they will need. The courses here are run with 3 people maximum, just like our courses in Worksop and Tooting Bec London. We prefer to run courses in small groups and 9 out of 10 times we will run the course just 1-on-1 which gives amazing results. The personal attention results in excellent latte art and a great knowledge of espressos.

We are running many courses at the moment and the feedback is amazing so far. Thanks to all who have been on the course lately!

Find out how far from Halifax you are

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Jersey milk

Have you ever made a very creamy cappuccino? Well, we certainly did last Friday. I bought some Jersey milk in the morning which has a fat percentage of 10%. I love fat, it works well for me 🙂

This was without a doubt one of the best cappuccinos I had for a long time and we used the Absolute Terra which gives a really sweet taste to the drink.

Try it.

Creamy cappuccino

Creamy cappuccino

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We had our customers over on Friday at our office in Worksop. They run a very successful bar and make better and better coffee everyday. The training was good fun as we roasted some coffee, explained a lot about the grinder settings and perfected the latte art. It was good to see them and we are happy that they are pouring latte art in the form of rosettas and hearts.

As a surprise for them, we organised a little tasting for the brand new vodka flavoured drinks. We think that they were pleasantly surprised and with a bit of luck we get these amazing vodka flavoured drinks (50 different flavours including bubblegum!) to the bars and clubs very soon!

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Latte art all day!

Wow what a day! Really great stuff!

Went to a deli today to do a latte art course with 2 guys who started a deli/coffee shop. They are opening next week in a small village where it’s very hard to find quality coffee. They contacted us to learn latte art to really stand out in the village.

I must say, they worked very hard and the result is there. After just 3 hours I saw correct dosing, correct extractions, perfect hearts and some very impressive leafs.

We used lots of milk and made probably over a hundred coffees, absolutely fantastic! It’s really good to work all day with people who are focused and want to learn something. Persistence definitely makes a difference and it’s good to see once again that anybody can learn latte art, even two builders 🙂 (no offense guys haha).

Good job! I’ll be back on Monday expecting even better latte art 🙂


Heart at a latte art course

Heart at a latte art course

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