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Caffe latte

The Iseo cups for caffe lattes

The Iseo cups for caffe lattes

What do you prefer to drink your caffe latte from? Is it a glass, a cup or a mug? Does it have to be a tall cup or can it be in a flat cup like a cappuccino cup .

I get this asked quite often and I understand that this is a preference thing although I would like to write about how I would do it. To me it’s all about making it clear to the customer. They need to know the difference between a cappuccino and caffe latte. One style cup can make it quite confusing for people. And the last thing I want to do as a barista serving customers is to make it all too complicated. I just want to serve a lovely cup of coffee which they like without too much hassle. This way I can focus on making the drink taste great and serving the customer.

I prefer to drink a caffe latte out of the Iseo cups from http://www.coffeecups.co.uk. These are quality porcelain cups and have thick walls. They just look great and for some reason the coffee taste fantastic in them. Because they are tall it is very clear to people that it is supposed to be a caffe latte.


Round flat cups are great for latte art

Cappuccinos I prefer in small cups, 6 to 8 oz cups, and I like them to be flat cups. Great for latte art as well. The big question is always what the difference is between cappuccinos and caffe lattes.  I think you do a great job in your shop when people understand the clear difference.

Having different shaped cups for the two drinks can make it clear for your customers. And that’s when you have happy customers, when they know what to expect and when things are clear. In the end, they go to a coffee shop to relax and have a nice cup of coffee and not to be confused by a massive menu and confusing things.

What is your favourite type of cup for coffee?


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