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Honduras rainforest

Honduras rainforest

Yesterday on the training course I had the privilege to teach someone for the very first time about coffee.

And to make things very interesting for him, we made him a delicious cup of coffee from Honduras. This coffee is one of the cup of excellence coffees and it was very nice. Very good with milk as a cappuccino. Good body, good sweetness and actually quite good considering it was a single estate. I am a big fan of blends for espresso coffee but once in a while you get one that works well through the espresso machine.

Have a look at the Cup of Excellence coffees. It is an interesting read.


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We always talk about that the cup is 8oz or 6oz, but how big is your cup actually?

Have you actually ever weighed your cup properly to find out what the size is ?

I measured a cup which is listed as a 8oz cup. Weighing it with water reveals that is was 212ml (7.4 UK fl oz).

When making a caffe latte it was actually more like 190 ml = 6.6 UK fl oz.

Just think it is interesting, especially when working out ratios of espresso to milk.

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Another design. Not our creation but we did do the pour. Very cool.

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