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Happy New Year

We would like to thank all our fantastic customers for working with us this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all, each and every one of you. We have roasted and brewed a delicious huge amount of coffee, developed new blends, taught a lot of people and helped so many nice people with the start of a their new coffee business.

A big and sincere thank you!

And of course a happy New Year and let’s make 2010 even better!

Happy New Year!


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So, how do you know who mentions something about your business on the internet? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an e-mail when someone writes your business name on some forum post or webpage?

Well, you can keep track of this with Google Alerts. Simply enter the search term such as ‘Absolute Coffee’ and Google will send you an e-mail when it comes across your search term in their database.

As soon as Google indexes a new page with your search term you will receive an e-mail with the link to the page.


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I love teaching!

I was really looking forward to teaching today. It is funny how you can do something almost everyday yet still enjoy it so much. It is after Christmas now and this is the first barista training course that we are doing on our new S5 as well.

Louis brought his own espresso machine with him though, a Expobar Office Leva. It was really nice to teach him more about espresso and milk steaming and he poured some hearts and rosettas as well.

We opened up his machine and increased the temperature a little which gave great results! Slight sour under extracted espressos turned into beautiful rich espressos with a delicious gold brown looking crema. It just shows how important barista training is when you buy an espresso machine.

Louis got the training as a Christmas present. His girlfriend bought a voucher for barista training which has been very popular as an exciting gift this Christmas.

Extraction from a bottomless porta filter

Expobar Office Leva inside

Espresso from the Expobar

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We get a lot of phone calls usually around Christmas and New Year’s about the milk.

The milk steams fine and creates good milk however after a few seconds and especially in the cup the foam collapses. The foam doesn’t seem to have any structure.

Some people wonder if this has to do with the espresso machine but it has nothing to do with this. It is purely down to the age of the milk. Usually around Christmas time dairies stock up on milk and you might get some milk which is older than usual.

Milk steams best when it is fresh within 4 or 5 days old. 4 or 5 days from the cow that it is.

The older the milk the less structure the foam has. It has to do with protein in the milk that breaks down I believe.

So, check your use by date on the milk that you receive and ask your dairy for the freshest milk possible.

Hope this helps!

Old milk does not create beautiful coffees!

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We have a new website!

It has taken a good 2 weeks of hard work and lots of pictures but its finally here: our new website!

We have decided to design a new website and re-write all the content. The plan was to write an even easier to read website with fantastic pictures. The website should be a lot easier to read, less scrolling down and better navigation. We really hope you like it!

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I went to see Chris at La Spaziale the other day to meet a customer. Stephen wanted to have a play with the new S1 Mini Vivaldi II and we had a great time. Lots of coffees!

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi mark II

The mark II has a new display for brewing temperature

I also had a closer look at the La Spaziale Special which I never really paid too much attention to. The price is so attractive though so we have decided to start selling these as well. The Special has the same technology as the S5 but has different body work and dials for the steam operation. Quite a good machine though and really well priced.

La Spaziale Special 2 group auto

There was also the La Spaziale S40 which is like a… hard to describe the words. I think you either love it or hate it. Makes great coffees and has very useful displays directly above the group head. These displays are very useful for shot times, grinding information and things like that. You can set the S40 so it tells you whether the extraction time was any good. Quite useful.

La Spaziale S40

I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Chris and Helen from La Spaziale. Thank you so much for your time.

And to Helen: ‘I still can’t believe you carry these machines up the stairs like that!’

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Have a read here:


I pretty much agree with the description of the flat white. But I am not so sure about the pouring from the bottom of the jug thing. Surely you can get a very creamy flat white without using a spoon to hold the foam back?

I prefer to pour a flat white from a small milk jug which has been textured properly into a 5.5 oz cup or so with a single espresso. Milk not too hot, around 60-65 C. Just a half cm of foam so you drink through the creamy foam.
That is in my eyes a good flat white.

But then again… I am a Dutch man not a Australian 🙂

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