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Buy a coffee plant

Want to grow coffee at home? In the window or the back garden?

Why not?! You can now buy a coffee plant from the Eden Project in Cornwall. If you have ever wondered how an actual coffee plant looks like then this is your chance.

Don’t expect great coffee from it though but it’s very cool to have at home!

Coffee plant


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Just want to let you all know that we are quiet because we are developing an e-commerce website for Absolute. We have decided to start selling our delicious coffees online this year.

It is looking great already, just a little bit empty. We are working hard adding new products so you can all buy coffee online. Ordering will be extremely easy and we accept pretty much any kind of payment method.

You will also be able to buy sample packs and barista training vouchers online through the webshop.

Exciting times….

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Coffe cupping event

We went over to one of our customers in Birmingham to perform a coffee cupping event. And it was really great fun!!

In the afternoon I spent some time with the baristas working on a bit more latte art. These people are so dedicated and always want to learn more which is really great!

Then in the evening we got about 30 people in for a ‘team building’ evening. We talked a little about coffee and after a short introduction to coffee we did a little mini coffee cupping competition.

There were 4 teams and each team had three different coffees to cup. I was the only one in the building who knew which cup was which. We had a lovely Ethiopian, a Monsoon Malabar and a PNG.

I demonstrated the cupping procedure to everyone and slurped away. The challenge for me was to describe the coffee in a way so that most people would be able to get the coffees right. These people had never even samples the coffees before and had to go purely on my description of the coffee. I think this is what it so interesting.

I cupped the coffees and described how they could tell the difference. After this, each group had to put the right card with the correct cup of coffee. As expected, everybody picked out the Ethiopian and 50% of the people got all three correct. This is pretty good I think!

A fantastic day.

If you are interested in organising a coffee event please do get in touch.

Each cup had a sticker underneath

Samples of roasted coffee

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New flower

A variation of the tulip

Latte art - flower/ tulip

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Ice Ice Ice

Wow, I could not get out of the car park this morning.

I had such a fantastic record for not cancelling courses and I believe so far I have had to cancel only once in a couple of years. Now I had to cancel the barista training today because the ice was too much. Five cars crashed outside my house this morning before 7 am!

Plus all the problems we have had with deliveries it is turning out be a wonderful winter. Beautiful though 🙂

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New pictures

We have added some more pictures to our picture gallery

Visit http://gallery.absolutecoffee.co.uk

Start of the rosetta

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It is still there!

I love it when the rosetta is still in the cup when the drink is finished. Latte art is so cool!

Latte art last forever!

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