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We have added a new page to the site about the coffee from start to finish.

Our coffees from start to finish


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Cool pic

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New backlabels


It took a lot of programming on the computer but Simon finally managed to create the labels. We have wanted to improve on the back labels for a while now. The label should say where the beans are from, what to expect from the coffee and we also wanted to give an idea on how to brew the coffee. We think it looks great. Hope you all like it as well.

New back label for our espresso blend Absolute Rimini

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We did a really fun latte art training course today and the guys were great! Well done Adam and Daniel. And of course Carole and Tom for the support 🙂

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UKBC 2010 in Sheffield

We went to see the UKBC in Sheffield today and it was really great fun to meet up with everybody. Just so much passion for great coffee and a room filled with a lot of knowledge.

Make sure you come the finals and the world championship in London soon!

This is Howard Barwick who entered. He did a great job and poured his cappuccinos in front of the judges. Really good job!

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Rancilio Classe 6 LEVA

We are expanding the training room in Halifax with a new machine. At the moment we are thinking of adding a Rancilio Classe 6 Leva machine. This is a traditional lever espresso machine. We already have a fantastic La Spaziale S5 and we think that by adding a traditional lever system we can create a wonderful training area.

What do you think? Should a training room have a lever system?

Rancilio Classe 6 Lever espresso machine

We have also added the Classe 6 Lever espresso machine to our package deals for espresso machines.

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Mahlkonig ProM

The Mahlkonig Vario has created quite a stur lately as a small and affordable grind on demand coffee grinder. Mahlkonig have now brought out a new model, the Mahlkonig ProM, and we are really excited about this! On Friday we visited the importers and after only a few minutes fell in love with it.

The Mahlkonig ProM is small, grinds fast and with a great quality, is easy to adjust and most importantly grinds directly into the porta filter.

We should be getting one next week and will write a full review about once we have used it a bit more.

Mahlkonig ProM

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