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Finally we are working closely with Natalie and Kevin. Kevin is probably the most passionate person I have ever met. He jumps up and down everytime he drinks a shot. I LOVE IT!

We are lucky enough to work with them and I am so happy that they took in some advice I gave them with regards to the layout and setup of their really cool coffee shop. I suggested to have a hole in the wall behind the espresso machine so you can fill up the machine with cups from the back where the kitchen is. This saves a lot of time and makes things a lot easier. It works a treat and it is just fantastic to be part of people’s businesses like this. It makes me enjoy my job even more!

There will also be freshly ground filter coffee which will change with regurarly and each coffee is of course carefully produces and ground fresh to order. Natalie is already pouring bears on top of the coffees 🙂

They also have a hole in the wall (with shutters) to off load dirty cups directly into the washing up area. The idea is that you never have to go behind the counter with cups.

Hole in the wall behind the machine to fill up the machine with cups

On another note. We are just using up the last of the Blend & Roast of Ethiopia and Brazil and tomorrow Ruth and I will roast the new batch. It is going to be of Brazil, Colombia and Java and will be very tasty.


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Absolute Drops

We have just added a new product to our list, something that we have wanted to offer for a while now: REAL CHOCOLATE.

After a bit of sourcing and trying lots of real chocolate drops (I know, it is a hard job we have!) we have set our mind on a Belgian chocolate which is just absolutely delicious. It is like drinking a milk chocolate bar.

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Just roasted a Java coffee which I really like. I have been playing with different ways of brewing. Lots of weighing, different grinds, different dosages, different temperature, to stir or not to stir etc etc.

I’ll post 2 pictures. Which brew do you think tastes best? There is only one difference between the two brews. If you think you know it let us know.

First brew

Second brew

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Please help us improve and tell us what you would like us to focus on. What is most important to you? What matters the most?

We want to make sure that we focus on the correct things and so we would be SUPER greatful if you could please let us know what you are looking for in a coffee supplier.

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How to start a coffee shop.co.uk has started a new forum.

This could be great. We need your input as well so please take a second to sign up and fire away with those questions that you have always wanted to ask.

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Just been a couple of days away to take a breather although I was working most of the time anyway.

Yesterday I was back at work doing what I love: teaching people about coffee.  We had a couple of courses booked and it was a great day. Kevin came in with his new team and even brought a present for me! A jar of instant coffee HAHA (but also a delicious bottle of red wine). It was great to see Kevin and his funny team making great coffees. We love the passion!

Also we did a little test on temperature and flavour. We made 2 espressos and drunk the first espresso straight away and the other espresso 1,5 minutes later. It is part of showing that too hot drinks have less flavour. Milk that is too hot will ruin a drink but also an espresso that is too hot will have less flavour. Your tongue is a muscle and doesn’t like it when it comes in touch with drinks too hot.

Also tried our new Blend & Roast coffee yesterday. We roasted it on Monday and it is a blend of Ethiopia and Brazil. Fruity and chocolaty and also nice and sweet. It surely went down really well yesterday.

Fantastic day and thank you Paul and Carl for the wonderful reviews!

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Andy is one of our customers in the south and he just got the new Mahlkonig K30  grinder and needed to learn a bit more about how to set it up. So we taught him yesterday over the phone at 21:30 in the evening…. bit obsessed with service maybe?

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