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We have a counter for sale that we used in our old training room. The counter is in good condition and has two holes for cables and hoses.

We are selling it for £300 Inc vat and is pickup only from Halifax. This is perfect for a coffee shop. The counter is 4 meters long. The top is one piece so you need a van to move it.
Please email us for more info.


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Aeropress coffee

We have been using the Aeropress for a long time now and I am starting to like it more and more every day. It is quick and produces a fantastic cup.

The Aeropress is a certain way of brewing coffee. It is not a cafetiere/french press, it is not a single cup pourover, it is not an espresso. Just its own way of brewing and we like it!

The beauty is that they only cost £22!

There are many different ways of brewing with an Aeropress. On this video I am trying to show that you can do it very quickly this way. You can brew a bit longer but I find it works really well like this and it could work extremely well for coffee shops like this because it is so quick!

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How do you think a latte should be served? What is your preference?

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This video shows how fresh coffees looks like when it is pulled as an espresso.

Soon we will add a video of old coffee to demonstrate the difference.

Fresh coffee has more gases and the gases in the coffee react with oils to create a foam which is what is called crema. The fresher the coffee, the more crema. Old coffee wouldn’t have the foam coming out at the same time as the liquid and would look more black and watery. Fresh coffee however looks extremely tasty.

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Blend and roast

The Blend and Roast program is going really well! The latest roast is all gone and the feedback has been amazing and a few people now have it as their own blend.

On Monday we are going to roast a new one. It will be a base of our delicious Honduras coffee. We have been serving this through the Aeropress for a while now and now we are blending it with Ethiopia and Indonesia to create another stunning blend. If you are coming on a course in the next few weeks then you are in for a threat.

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Most orders you get in a coffee bar are quite straight forward. There are of course a couple of difficult ones like a macchiato as it could be with milk, with foam or with milk and foam. And lets not get it confused with a Starbucks caramel macchiato (not sure how they call it exactly :).

Another one is a white coffee. What is a white coffee?

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