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Big news!!

In November a lot is going to happen.

We will be revealing to you all who will work with us. We are extremely excited to have found someone who is as passionate about service and coffee as we are. And not to forget teaching!

In November we will announce who this is…

Also we will move to a new premises which will be absolutely amazing. New training centre, new office etc. Our address will also change but we will notify everybody when the time is right.

November is going to be very, very exciting….

Oh, almost forgot. There will be a massive opening party!!! in November and we are inviting all our customers to come over. Please get in touch and we will tell you more about it 🙂


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Big or small?

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New Guest Coffee

Just tried our latest Guest Coffee today that we roasted a couple of days ago and it is tasting very good. Beautiful mix of Brazil and Ethiopia and a small amount of Java. Roasted just into the second crack, sort of medium. Really good body and very well balanced.It is a similar blend that we did a couple of months back but now we are roasting it about 5 degrees lighter. Not so much dark chocolate but more milk chocolate.

It is available now so with your next order please add a bag of the Guest Coffee and enjoy it!

Made with a bottomless group handle

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We are selling our La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II that we have in our training room at the roastery.

It has hardly been used and retails normally at £1,640.00 + VAT.

This is the plumped in version and the latest model. Dual boiler machine. Absolutely brilliant.

We are selling it to replace it with a small compact 2 group.

Make us an offer we can’t resist and it is yours. You will also get a full barista course with it. Email us at coffee@absolutecoffee.co.uk

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Ben came in to see us yesterday. He has been looking for a while for a good coffee roaster to work with and luckily we like each other 🙂

We gave him some coffee to roast on his home-made coffee roaster…. 🙂

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Train your nose

We got these small bottles which contain aromas that can be found in coffees. Can you figure out what they are? We might test your nose and knowledge when you visit us…

Coffee aromas training kit

There are over 30 aromas in that box ranging from roasted hazelnuts to lemon. And even a few unpleasant ones like rubber! Great fun.

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