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What is the hardest?

Running a coffee shop is fun, but it also hard work! Some do it for a life stye and enjoy the socialising, cooking and of course serving great coffee. Others do it to have a vibrant, busy and exciting business. Owning one or multiple coffee shops is a dream of many people…

What is however the hardest thing when you run a coffee shop? Or what would you expect to be the hardest thing?

Please let us know…


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Our friend Paul is selling his coffee van. We know Paul very well and he looks after his stuff so this should be a good one.

You can contact Paul here: www.thelittlecoffeevan.com

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New Guest Coffee

What a great way to start the morning. Just made a delicious cappuccino with our new Guest Coffee. We mixed Brazil with Ethiopia once again and added a small amount of our new coffee from Rwanda. Roasted medium. Very tasty and certainly a bit different then you normally get from us.

We’ll see how it develops over the next few weeks but the first coffees I have had from it have been very interesting.

The Guest Coffees are flying out. More and more customers are now offering Guest Coffees to entertain their customers and it is becoming a big success. We are roasting lots of them and it is exciting to see this. If you would like some more info on how to go about with this please do get in touch.

Start the morning with a delicious coffee

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We have just come back from Brugge which is absolutely lovely. There was a coffee shop we went into and they had a £5000 – 2 group espresso machine, a decent grinder and £20 a kg coffee. The kit was definitely there. I am not a big fan of that coffee but it can be good if made correctly…

I ordered a double espresso and a double dose was loaded and the correct button was pressed. All good so far. Then she looked at the cup and got a bit uncomfortable at the amount in the cup. Guess it was too little? So she pressed the double button again! This just totally ruined my £2.50 double espresso. It was so dissapointing. (my fault here is not complaining but that is my weakness!)

She was absolutely lovely and we had a nice chat about Brugge. Certainly not her to blame I think, just the training.If only she knew what she was doing… I probably would have bought another 3 coffees. It was just such a shame.

If you ask me the question about what is most important then the order shoud be:

1) barista/ training

2) coffee

3) equipment

Most of the time though people will look for equipment first! Not last. If you start a coffee shop then please look for decent training first. Then go and search for a coffee that you are happy with and then decide on equipment.

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Loyalty cards are great for rewarding your customers for being loyal. Buy 6 get 1 free kind of thing. Most coffee shops have been offering loyalty cards for a very long time and it is usually a great success.

Tony, one of our customers from the beautiful lake district, has developed a digital loyalty card for the IPhone and we love it!

The OneGratis app is quick and very easy to use. And of course, no more paper wasting!

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Ben had a wonderful weekend selling his coffee that we roasted for him. People seem to love it and we love what he is doing!

Arborart (http://www.arborart.co.uk) use Aeropress and single cup filter brewers to brew coffee. It is going down as a treat and served coffee constantly!

Check out the very cool pictures:

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Good vs Bad tamp video

Do you know what is going wrong here?

The only difference between these two shots is the way it was made. The exact same grind, coffee and amount of water were used; but two completely different coffees are the result.

Post your comment if you think you know what is wrong…

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