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Our blog has moved!

Our blog has moved to



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The Pig!

Our customers Natalie and Kevin have a pig who loves our tea and coffee!

The Limini Coffee PIG! Our first ever. How cool is that!

Oh and real people love the coffee as well

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Finally we have decided to do it. For all those lovely people who have come on barista courses with you… you can now buy the coffee from us through our website. Nice and easy.

We will only display a small amount of our coffees. Of course we have our main blend on there as well as the Guest Coffee which change all the time.

Have a look here to buy coffee for at home.

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We have to change our name!

From Monday we will be called Limini Coffee.

Even though we have to change the name we look forward to it. It is a fresh start with a new name. This goes quite well with our brand new barista training centre and of course the joining of Howard as well. We strive to run an even better company with better coffee and better services.

Our new accounting software improves on orders and statements etc and the new phone system will mean improvement as well. All is good!

Limini Coffee will stand for the same principles:

  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Outstanding coffee
  3. First class barista training

Note that the company doesn’t change or anything. We are still the same people with the same coffee. Just a name change.

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We have an Anfim Caimano timer for sale that we have used for our training room.

List price is over £500 but we are selling this for £310 and we include a barista course with us as well. Pickup only.

It has has some usage and is working brilliantly. Great bargain really.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Wow! Our training centre has opened. We opened the doors yesterday and Howard has just finished teaching the How to start a coffee shop course.
We have so much space now. So many brewing methods. So many coffees! It is fantastic and we are really enjoying it.
All our machines are now connected to a very good water filtration system and the coffee is tasting even better.
Anybody who wants to come over for a coffee… Drop us a line.

Besides the new training centre we also have a new office. This includes new accounting software which will make life better for everybody and we have improved on our phone system as well.

The training centre is also available for events so if you need a venture for your coffee event please do get in touch.

Hope to see you soon.

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What is the hardest?

Running a coffee shop is fun, but it also hard work! Some do it for a life stye and enjoy the socialising, cooking and of course serving great coffee. Others do it to have a vibrant, busy and exciting business. Owning one or multiple coffee shops is a dream of many people…

What is however the hardest thing when you run a coffee shop? Or what would you expect to be the hardest thing?

Please let us know…

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